Air Conditioner Blower Motor, Do You Need To Replace.

Just because Joe your buddy says, oh your air conditioner needs a new the internal blower motor, does not mean that it is really the issue with your Air conditioner equipment. Do your homework prior replacing your air conditioner blower motor, which may well not be the problem.







Air Conditioner Blower Motors Need Maintenance That You Can Provide


You’ll need to replace the air conditioner internal fan motor, if there are no oil ports, or if after you put a little bit oil within the ports and try to spin the blower wheel, it does not start to turn freely. If it doesn’t rotate freely, verify to view if it has oil ports on the blower. Shut off the energy to the furnace or air handler (which ever a one you may have), then, attempt to turn the internal blower motor wheel (It’s going to appear like a large hamster wheel) by hand. Supposing that the blower wheel does turn nicely, you then have to set your hand on the motor and see if it really is overly hot.



Always turn off power to any electrical units before touching wires


Now you’re on to the electrical wires, are they securely attached? Get started by turning off the electrical energy.  If all of the wires are connected correctly lets get the energy back on. Now switch the fan on at the thermostat. You are going to see that most heating systems will operate having a universal internal blower motor, which will save you revenue. You are going to discover that there exists a sizable distinction in value for a motor dependent on what furnace you’ve got and whether you’ll be able to use an universal motor or if it needs to be a name brand. You’ll find that the most prevalent issue with your internal blower motor is the run capacitor; if it is not operating properly your motor will not run at all or at full capacity, you will need to replace it.


You will need to get in touch with an air conditioner tech to replace your motor, they’re going to charge, anyplace from $580.00 to $899.00 depending on, what is brand name of the unit, exactly where your unit is positioned (attic will be more expensive), what area you reside in (state, rural or city), and what company you go with..

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