Will a tune up help avoid air conditioning repair?

April 12, 2013   |   by Noah Franklin

For some time now AC companies have been offering a tune up on your home air conditioner system but what are they really doing. In some cases very little. You see there are a few things on the system that can be checked that will infact help you avoid and emergency visit from and air conditioning repair company. But even if you get a clean bill of health from the technician this is in no way a guarantee that the system will continue to blow cold air all summer long.

So should you do a tune up?

Air Conditionng Repair Roof Top unit

Absolutely. And here is why.

When certain components go out on your air conditioner the cause may have been avoidable. By far the most expensive air conditioning repair you can make is to replace the compressor. I’m not saying that all compressor repairs are avoidable but there are a number of things you can do to insure that it will last longer. Most expensive air conditioning repair issues can be avoided by doing  following.

1. Insure that your air conditioner is properly charged with refrigerant.

2. Insure that all electrical leads and connections are solid.

3. Clean the coils and for ground units remove all leaves and debris from the surounding area of the air conditioning condenser.

So what should a air conditioner tune up cost?

The simple answer is between $19 and $79 depending on the air conditioning repair company you choose.  However, don’t forget that it is a tune up and if you have an actual problem you should expect to pay more. IT is very common to find an air conditioner that needs repair during a tune up. I have personally seen air conditioners that are 2 years old with bad contractors and and capacitors. The cause of these types of issues is open for debate but I have found that power surges and low surges reap havoc on air conditioning systems. In Las Vegas this is a daily occurring issue.

One thing to remember is that much of the time before your air conditioner’s a motor or a compressor fails it will begin to pull a higher number of amps than it was designed for. I have seen a 25 year old air conditioner last 2 more summers after air conditioning repair company advised the homeowner that is was pulling more than 15% over capacity. I have seen 7 year old air conditioner run just 2% over and only lasted 3 more weeks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_conditioner

If you are not able to have your air conditioner tuned up then keep an eye on your power bill. odds are if your bill is higher than expected you are only days away form a visit by your friendly neighborhood air conditioning repair company. It is best to start calling around for quotes at the fist sign of trouble.



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