Buy a new air conditioner today and “Sleep Cool Tonight”

Your New Air conditioner Installed TodayGet a fantastic deal on a brand spanking new air conditioner unit and you could get it installed today. We have negotiated an exceptional deal with our distributor and are passing that savings on to you. If you have been told that your air conditioning unit or air conditioner condenser needs to be replaced contact us now and Sleep Cool Tonight. 2-air-conditioner-heat-pump-package-roof2 Ton Heat Pump Package Air ConditionerThis unit is a complete air conditioning system. It has electric air condition cooling and electric heating. This air conditioner for sale offers an efficient 13 SEER and will cool approximately 800 square feet without any problem. The price is $2998 after instant rebate. This include removing old unit, crane lift and set up of all new equipment.orderandinstall 2-air-conditioner-condenser-heat-pump-ground2 Ton Heat Pump Condenser Air ConditionerThis is a condenser unit for ground mounted air conditioner system. It has electric a/c cooling with electric heating. This air conditioner condenser for sale is an efficient 13 SEER and will cool and heat 800 +/- square feet. The price is $1998 after instant rebate. This consist of removing old unit & installing of all new equipment.orderandinstall 1-5-air-conditioner-condenser-straight-cool-ground1.5 or 2 Ton AC Condenser unitThis is a straight cool condensing air conditioning system. This air conditioning unit condenser for sale is an efficient 13 SEER and will cool and heat 600 +/- or 800 +/- square feet. The price is $1771 after instant rebate. This consist of removing old unit & setup of all new equipment.orderandinstall

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Buy a New Central Air conditioner unit for your home today

Every air conditioner can be repaired. Most of the time it will cost a fraction of the price to buy a new air conditioning system. Those unsuspecting soles that pay for it are keeping deceitful air conditioning contractor companies from Las Vegas and other areas in business.

Recently, while at a tradeshow, I over heard two people bragging about how they were getting unsuspecting customers to buy a new air conditioner unit. Evidently they had sold a few hundred air conditioners in Las Vegas this year. Then they said that most of them were never required. Sadly this why some don’t trust members of the Air conditioning industry. I suspect only 50 % of the folks that buy a new Air conditioner unit for there home in Las Vegas, really needed to be replaced.


Don’t get me wrong there are many advantages to buying a new air conditioner. Not the least of those benefits is a warranty. There are other good reasons that make buying a new air conditioner a good Idea, but don’t be confused. The same technology from 20 years ago is found in the new air conditioners today. In fact the design of new air conditioner systems hasn’t really changed that much.

The Components on your old air conditioner will get tired and worn out. Most of those same components are generally not that expensive to replace.

If I buy a new air conditioner won’t I save big money on my utility bills?

What Ever you will do, don’t buy a new air conditioner in the hope that the it’s newfangled efficiency will lower the power bills for your house. This is rarely the case unless the new air conditioner you buy is a higher SEER rating than the replaced unit. Even then 12% per month is the average change your utility bills will change. Due to the fact in Las Vegas you only use your air conditioner 135 days a year. The heater might only be on for 70 days. That means you can only reap that savings 7 months out of the year.
If you’ve got multiple components fail on your home’s air conditioning unit you are probably better off to replace it instead of repair.
Air conditioner that are well cared for tend to last 20 to 30 years.
If you are in the market to buy a new air conditioner for you your Las Vegas home or just an air conditioner condensing unit, shop around. You will find several home air conditioner manufactures in the Las Vegas, Henderson and the rest of the United States. They all have a warranty but some are better than others. Consider this when you’re getting quotes to buy an air conditioning system from and HVAC Contractor.
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