Carrier is known for innovation and dedication to marketplace management, and striving to help people reside a lot more cozy, much healthier plus much more effective lives with top quality air conditioning and heating systems.

The company has had the direct for making eco audio products which satisfy consumer needs although within the identical time protecting all-natural assets. Las Vegas’s HVAC contractor Southern Nevada Heating &lifier Air Conditioning is happy with our knowledge of Carrier goods, luding Infinity™, Performance™ and Comfort™ series options.

Serving Vegas and surrounding towns through the Vegas Nevada, and Vegas Valley areas. If you’d like a totally free estimate for installing of a brand new Amana heating or air conditioning system in your house, please Contact our Vegas HVAC Business today.

A multitude of Options

We offer combination systems that may provide year-round comfort for your house or business. We’d gladly discuss your particular comfort-maintenance needs and help you pick which of Carrier’s condition-of-the-art residential, commercial, or industrial goods would best suit your needs.

Quality Heating Items

We feature a multitude of goods designed to maintain your Vegas home or office warm and cozy throughout the cold winter several weeks. From gas or oil furnaces and central heating boilers to electric or geothermal power heat pumps, our wide-ranging of quality entertainers ensures your convenience and comfort.

Superior Air Conditioning Systems

Our complete type of air conditioning solutions provides you with several options, allowing you to personalize your air conditioning system to satisfy the initial needs of ones own or business. Our high-efficiency central air conditioner and heat pump selection is the best place to start searching for the next bit of air conditioning equipment.

Air Conditioning Units and Heat Pumps for Split Systems

Carrier heat pumps are central air conditioners that may also heat all of your home. Combined with a gas furnace, they provide energy-use options and additional heating options…we refer to this as combination Hybrid Heat. Remember, the greater the SEER and HSPF rankings of the air conditioning system, as well as more effective it will likely be.

Furnaces for Split Systems

Regardless of what kind of fuel or heat source your house has, likely to innovative Carrier gas furnace or oil furnace for you personally. Our Infinity® 96 furnace is really efficient at using fuel, the only real furnace a lot more efficient at burning fuel may be the Sun. Carrier furnaces are highly efficient-the greater the AFUE rating, the higher the efficiency.

Quality Of Air Solutions

Enhance your home’s health by improving the standard from the air inside. Carrier humidifiers help you control air moisture, ventilators bring fresh air to your home air filters clean the air before it moves, advanced ultraviolet lamps eliminate bacteria and bacteria, and deadly carbon monoxide sensors measure and identify CO levels in your home.

Fan Coils and Evaporator Coils

Carrier fan coils heat and circulate air inside your forced air heating system, although evaporator coils use your forced air heating and air conditioning system to condition the air for circulation throughout your house. Your Carrier dealer is definitely available to help you pick the perfect coil for the system.

Packed Items

Carrier HYBRID HEAT® Dual Fuel packed goods provide the combined convenience of gas heat and also the efficiency of the heat pump, although packed heat pumps provide efficient heating and air conditioning to your house. Packed air conditioners effectively help you stay awesome within the summer time, and Carrier gas furnace/air conditioner packed goods add some warmth of cozy gas heat during the cold months..

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