Copper wire stolen from a number of air con items at Las Vegas non-profit

August 6, 2022   |   by Noah Franklin

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Air conditioning units have been completely torn apart at the Opportunity Village thrift store. The local non-profit serves adults with disabilities and helps them with enhancing their lives.

The copper inside these units was stolen from on top of the roof at Opportunity Village thrift store located near Decatur and Meadows Lane near the meadow’s mall.

Gutted, damaged, and torn apart is what the inside of the ac units look like and all for copper wire.

“We serve adults with disabilities all sorts across the board and this is really important for us,” said employee Cassandra Barron. “This is what we are here for and for this to happen, it just really set us back.”

For employee Cassandra Barron, working in the store with no AC has been tough even with temporary air condition units that have been installed to help cool things down.

“I already have breathing issues so to come into work right now and breathe how heavy the air is and the moisture that is in the air in this building is really hard,” said Barron.

This has been an ongoing series of events.

Chief Administrative Officer for the organization Tracy Brown-May said the first time this happened was on June 23rd and then again, a couple of weeks after that. This past weekend, more units were damaged.

Brown-May said not only is this a health and safety concern for customers and employees, but it is also impacting the organization’s bottom line because of having to close the store early every day and anticipating paying roughly $260,000 to fix the ac units.

“The retail sales that we rely on in order to make sure the organization is sustainable have been reparably damaged,” said Brown-May. “How do we get the revenue back?”

They said there are security cameras that may have helped them get a lead on a possible suspect.

“This weekend, we were lucky in that we believe the person responsible for the thefts have been identified,” said Brown-May.

We did reach out to Metro to try and learn more about that suspect but have yet to hear back.

Some employees with disabilities and medical needs have been moved to different opportunity village locations.

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