How to do a Basic Air conditioner cleaning?

December 4, 2013   |   by Noah Franklin

Living in a home that’s clean and well-maintained is one of the best things in life that can’t be bought by money. This requires hard work and the ability to clean home appliances; be neat at all times and the prerogative to live in a clean place. In able to achieve this goal, we need to start by learning how to clean our home appliances and for this article, we will learn how to assure a cool and clean air from our air conditioner.

Our Air conditioner unit must be clean at all times not just to help it give fresh and cool air around our room or home but also to help it work properly and give it no reason to work improperly and be broken after some time.

  • AC repair Las Vegas 01When cleaning an Air conditioner, we can start by replacing the filter. This is very important because this is the one that filters the air and dirt at the same time. Make sure that you will replace the new one correctly, ask the manufacturer if you need help on this.
  • Before doing any cleaning, turn off the switch in the blower or the furnace. It will help you have the motor at rest before doing anything that might cause problems to your Air conditioner.
  • Clean all the tubes including the drain tube. This will help the AC unit to work properly the next time that you turn it off. Make sure there will be no other debris that will be left in the unit before you put everything back together.
  • Also, make sure that everything is dry before you turn the unit on again. This is to avoid short circuit problems.