Kodak Black Presents Air Conditioning Items to Housing Venture Residents

January 1, 2022   |   by Noah Franklin

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Kodak blackhe’s not feeling the heat these days, so he wants to return the favor to some people on a housing project in Florida … in the form of air conditioners.

Kodak bought 100 AC units for around $ 12,500 and shipped them to the Golden Acres Projects in Pompano Beach. He went door to door with the units and presented the residents with the cool gift.

Florida in July isn’t a picnic … it’s super humid and hot. Right now it’s in the high 80’s with 79% humidity, but those numbers will rise as the summer progresses.

kodak black donates AC units

Kodak brought some local residents to tears … they were incredibly grateful, especially because they wouldn’t expect this from someone who wants to do good, but from anyone who lives in Florida in the summer … it’s a gift from God .

kodak black donates AC units

It’s very popular in Florida these days … June 11th is now and forever Kodak Black Day in Broward County.

Kodak got an assist with the ACs from Francky Pierrewho runs the charity Philanthropic Work and Outreach.

As you know Kodak achieved commutation since-President Trump – at the insistence of his lawyer, Bradford Cohen – in large part because of his charity work.

Kodak served half of it 46 months in prison in two cases of false information on an application for a firearm.

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