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March 28, 2013   |   by Noah Franklin

When looking at cooling and heating units there are several different varieties of units. The information in this article should be helpful in providing you with some general knowledge. The type of equipment that you have might be a mystery. You may find it helpful to learn about the various types of air conditioner and heating units and what the differences are.

Heating Unit
The typical Las Vegas Valley home central furnace heating unit with air conditioning unit included will also incorporate a split system type setup for the air conditioning portion of the system. Basically, in heating mode a natural gas furnace will be utilized to provide heat for the entire home. In the summer time when cooling is required, a straight cool air conditioning with the evaporator coil installed inline with the air flow provided by the furnace blower motor provides the necessary cooling for the entire home. If you home has natural gas service, and is fairly new, say it was built in the last 10 years, you will normally have a split system.

Heat Pump, or Gas Package Unit You will see that in the older houses that a package air conditioning and heating unit on the roof is very common. There are three different varieties of roof mount units, gas, heat pump (electric), and straight cool with heat strips installed. These air conditioner and heater units are not the most efficient systems. 13 seer is the lowest seer rating that a new unit will have. A seer rating is a way of mapping the energy efficiency of a unit. Very often package systems are used in the commercial market place for cooling of large facilities. These types of commercial or industrial package systems are very large in tonnage. Commercial package units, also known as “Roof Top Units” or RTU’s ran Specially engineered duct work needs to be installed when dealing with commercial units, that can handle the elements. The commercial units work in the same way as a residential unit, but on a larger scale.

Fore this reason, most home owners do not know what kind of heating and cooling units they have. While looking the same the functionality is quite different. The common newer Las Vegas Valley home central heat pump unit is also a split system type configuration from the exterior the heat pump system and also the straight cool air conditioning system with electric heat look identical. Heat Pump Air Conditioning & Heating unit As you will read how a straight cool system works, outlined in this article, right now I will explain how a heat pump unit works. Since the heat pump air conditioning and heating unit has both cooling and heating capabilities, your energy efficiency is much better compared to a straight cool air conditioning and heating unit that has had heat strips installed. Your electric bills in the winter months should be reduced. When you turn a heat pump to heat instead of cool it changes the direction of the refrigerant, allowing it to heat the evaporator coil instead of cooling it. Which means when the indoor blower motor blows the air across the coils it heats up your home rather than cooling it. You have a split system just like if you had a straight cool air conditioner and heating unit . The difference is that a heat pump also heats during the cold seasons.

Air conditioner straight cool only w/ heat strips air conditioner and heating unit When you are operating a straight cool air conditioning and heating unit containing electric heat strips, the outside air conditioner and heating unit does not run when in heating mode only the inside air conditioning and heating unit will operate. When we are talking about a split system, there is two varieties, one that has gas to property, and one that is straight electrical. A straight electrical unit that is only an air conditioner, can have electric heat strips installed in the air handler, ( the inside unit) you will not find a large amount of these in the Las Vegas area, most will have a heat pump installed instead of straight cool. You will find an air handler unit inside the home, either in the attic, or garage, and there will be a ground mounted condenser unit outside. There is some simple research that you can do when you are needing to replace your air conditioner and heating unit . When searching the internet a few simple terms below can grant you a large amount of information. Las Vegas Air Conditioning Company, HVAC service Las Vegas valley, air conditioning installation Las Vegas, Air conditioning and heating repair company in Las Vegas, air conditioning service Las Vegas valley,


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