Some Las Vegas air-con corporations maintaining with demand for AC repairs, replacements throughout excessive temps

July 13, 2022   |   by Noah Franklin

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The hot temperatures are keeping the phones ringing for so many air conditioning companies in the Las Vegas Valley. It’s that time of the year when many customers are in need of repair or replacement. But are they able to keep up with the demand?

Vice president for One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Donavan Rohde said for the most part if you call, they can come and replace or repair your ac on the same day.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating has been providing services to people across the valley since 1976

Rohde said this isn’t its first rodeo of dealing with extreme heat and meeting the demand for AC repairs and replacements.

“We have numerous technicians, we have installed crews, so right now, even though everyone is extremely busy if you call us, we are more than likely to get out to you the same day or the next day,” said Rohde.

Rohde said they have plenty of universal parts to go around to fix or replace people’s AC units.

If someone needs a specific manufactured part for a particular brand like Goodman or Carrier is when it can run into supply chain challenges.

“With the COVID and everything, the supply chain issues, there have been issues where those manufactured specific parts are not available,” said Rohde. “They may be on back order, or they might have to be shipped from another location.”

Rohde said inflation has also had an impact on their business and people may also feel the impacts of this as well.

“It is ranging you know, and I hate to say it but probably from anywhere to 10 to 50 percent more but that is what you are looking at,” said Rohde. “It’s not a solid 10 percent; it is not a solid 50 percent. It all depends on what repair you are looking at or what replacement you are looking at.”

We checked in with other businesses in the area such as Bobs Repairs AC and Heating.

They said it is seeing AN 80 to 100% increase in the cost of equipment but if the AC unit is in stock, they can get installations done within 24-72 hours as they say they aren’t as booked out as they have been in the past summers.

They also say they are fully staffed does their best to retain technicians.

Both Rohde and Bob’s repair said it is best for people to take preventative measures such as having a technician come to look at the air filters as well as the mechanical pieces.

“It can catch those minor problems before it becomes a major issue and hopefully you don’t face a breakdown when it is 1120-112 degrees like it is right now,” said Rohde.

Rohde said if you need a repair or replacement don’t wait. Get it done sooner rather than later and there are payment plans and financing available if needed.

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