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April 23, 2022   |   by Noah Franklin

Air conditioning unitsAir-conditioning units at a construction site. Photo via Pixabay

“Nothing lasts forever,” according to an old saying, and this applies to your HVAC system as well.

Central heating and cooling units generally last from 10 to 15 years — as long as repairs are regularly done and your AC, Furnace, or other equipment receives annual tune-ups.

However, if you let your maintenance schedule go haywire through the years, you can cut its lifespan by half.

If your HVAC is in poor condition, it can impact your personal safety and energy bills. It can also cause health issues and affect the level of comfort in San Diego homes.

Guthrie & Sons is one of the companies offering world-class service and great deals in San Diego. Here are some of the most common problems they see.

dirt & dust

Without regular tune-up and service, the risk of dirt and dust building up in the crucial parts of an HVAC system, such as the condensing coils and air filters, increases.

“After a year of buildup, the system’s efficiency can decrease by 5%, and without annual check-ups, your HVAC system will keep losing its efficiency. That’s why we’ve come up with lots of limited-time coupons or offers,” says Matt Guthrie, Sales/Marketing Manager at Guthrie & Sons. “These coupons will encourage customers to indulge in regular maintenance or new installation.”

If your air filter gets clogged, your system might try to work harder to get your home’s temperature to the perfect setting. As a result, your electricity bill increases. You may be tempted to save money by not having any maintenance, but this will eventually lead you to lose more money than expected.


HVAC connectors along with the drain lines can develop leaks. These leaks cause your system to run harder and are one of the biggest factors that force you to replace one or more components.


Wiring and moisture, when combined, can cause potential corrosion leading to your heating and cooling system malfunctioning, causing it to turn on or off on its own.

If an AC or heating system goes bad due to a lack of check-ups and maintenance, one might have to pay more for repairs. When we talked to experts at Guthrie & Sons, they said that if people schedule maintenance annually, they can keep the repair bills low. It’s better to expect a regularly scheduled amount than pricing resulting from nasty surprises, such as cold air coming from your heating unit.

Reduce Your Gas & Electric Bills with Regular Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, Guthrie & Sons can do much more than just replace your old air conditioner. Their experts with HVAC services can help you with various things you need around your home. They can help you to save some money on your gas and electric bills.

Proper Heating Is Essential in the Coming Winter Months

When it’s snowing or cold outside, the heat keeps you warm, but there’s so much more to proper heating. If your furnace is not working as effectively as it should, make sure you have a heating repair professional you can trust. They can come in and look at it before the temperatures get below freezing. Guthrie & Sons will ensure that your system is in good working order, and they’ll keep working at it until you’re satisfied — no questions asked.

Finding a Reputable HVAC Service When You Are New in Town

When you move to a new city and need some HVAC service work done, you should make sure that you contact the right company for the job. Since you’re not familiar with the area, you’ll need to be a little more diligent to find a good company.

If you know someone there, you can ask them for a recommendation. However, if you’re thinking of shifting to San Diego or recently moved here, you can trust Guthrie & Sons. Their services have no match in San Diego.

Guthrie & Sons can answer your HVAC questions and give you helpful assistance even when they’re not on the job. For years, this family company has provided high-class heating, cooling, and solar power services to homeowners and businesses in the San Diego area. When you need HVAC services in San Diego or nearby areas, you can contact them by calling (619) 714-9870 or (619) 714-9871.

And here is an updated list of the current offers from Guthrie & Sons:

  • $500 off any new AC installation
  • Furnace or AC tune-up $99 (usually $129)
  • Free duct cleaning with any new AC or furnace installation
  • 36 Months – 0% interest financing with new equipment installation
  • $500 off any new ductless mini-split
  • Free smart thermostat installed with any new equipment

These offers are limited, but they are an absolute steal — grab them while you still can.

Visit the Guthrie & Sons website – www.guthrieandsons.com or give them a call to know more about their coupons or offers.

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